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Updated 08/25/98

Talk Soup, Sorry Tennessee!

Welcome Soup Fans! If you like talk shows, Talk Soup is the show for you, featuring highlights from your favorite talk shows such as Jerry Springer, Conan O'Brian, Montel Williams and other great shows. Talk Soup airs on E! Entertainment Television, with a half hour show Monday through Thursday at 10p.m. ET/PT, and a full hour weekly wrap up show Friday through Sunday at the same times.

General Information

The show first aired on December 26, 1991 but had a different host. For all of you Soupheads out there, you will remember that a certain Hollywood star once hosted the show. Of course I'm refering to a Mr. Greg Kinnear. Since then, the show has enjoyed a cult following of dedicated fans.

What makes the show so original is it's ability to take talkshow highlights and then add another sense of comic relief on them. Often, Henson and Crew act out ridiculous skits which range from farting, dating, giant lizards, parodies on movies and all sorts of other things. It's all great fun to watch and is guaranteed to keep you laughing.

Need the address to send Henson and Co. some mail, here you go...

Talk Soup, E!
P.O. Box 48972
Los Angeles, CA

Or in Henson terms, "Neener Double Ought Four Eight".

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