K o R n   b i o

[ t h e   b a n d ]

(from left to right)
Head - guitar || Fieldy - bass || Jonathan - lead singer || David - drums || Munky - guitar

The story behind the bands name is an interesting one. It seems the name was derived from two men licking each others asses and one guy had taken a dump in the other guy's face, and a kernel of corn was on the other guy's teeth. Jonathan apparently found this amusing and picked that as the name of the band. Pretty damn twisted! Oh and that oh so popular logo, drawn by Mr. Davis with his left hand!

Originally, Jonathan was recruited from the band Sex Art because some of the other band members had seem him at a gig. They were so impressed (or freaked) by Jonathan's performance, they had to have him. David came about when the band needed a drummer and little David tried out and impressed the hell outta them. Munky, Fieldy and Head were originally in a band called LAPD (who's cd's can be purchased), but that didn't quite work out...thankfully!

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