If you are not fortunate enough to have ever see Type O Negative in action, I recommend that you catch the next plane/car/train/shoes and head for the nearest and next Type O Negative concert. It's hard to describe what goes on inside a person when you see them, the colors and atmosphere totally engage your emotions and you feel so enrapped within all the mood. Here be my personal accounts of what a concert is like...


I live in a city called Corpus Christi Texas (Look in your Bloody Kisses album for an indirect mention!) and I had always heard Type O on the radio and had 2 of their albums. Well, I heard a promo on the radio that said something along the lines of,"Meet Type O Negative at Best Buy". I almost freaked and the next thing I knew, I was grabbing my CD's and Type O related stuff and headed down to Best Buy. The line went from the back of the store to the front and I was at the front door. There were hundreds of people there, how cool is that? They finally showed up about an hour later (line is now much, much longer) and the line slowly progressed to the back. It took about 45 more minutes before I could even catch a glimps of them. It was pretty damn exciting. I finally got up to the table and saw them for the first time in person. They were all sitting in a row and were diligently signing away autographs. I shook their hands one by one and got their autographs and that was it! Don't get me wrong, it was one of the most exciting things I ever got to do. If only I would have brought a FREAKING CAMERA!

THE CONCERT After the meeting, I was already so excited. Now it was onto the concert. The Bill was Type O Negative and then PANTERA ( another band I love ) with Type O playing first. We waited till about 8:20 and then they got on stage, just their shadowy images piercing the bright lights. They begin and you could just feel their music. Every drumb beat and guitar string piercing your body, very exhilerating. I can't exactly remember the set list, but it was great. About mid-way through, Phil Anselmo came out and sang Black No.1 ( his version ) with Peter and it was just so cool.


OZZY TICKET PETER AUTOGRAPH This was the second time I would see Type O and I was just as excited. The concert went great and they played My Girlfriends Girlfriend ( not for the 1st time ever ). The concert went on and I needed a breather from all the action. I stepped out of the concert area and was sitting next to a beer/t-shirt stand. Out of nowhere I see Peter and Johnny walking toward where I was sitting. No, he didn't come up to me, instead, I almost freaked out and went up to him. I felt really awkward because I don't want to be rude and all ( BUT THIS IS PETER AND JOHNNY!). I said screw it and went up anyways. I complemented them on the show and shook their hands ( again! ) and actually talked to them a bit. As I can vaguely remember, Peter likes our town, he has a great time here and likes to come down here. I think they've actually been here like 4 - 5 times already which is a big plus. Anyways, after a while there seemed to be a small mob of people around them. I finally had the guts to ask for an autograph from Peter. He didn't seem to be unhappy about my request and I got a pen and he signed my ticket. I remember distinctly what he said to me when he was signing it and it shows that he is a really cool person to his fans ( my opinion ). He said to me,"I should be getting your autographs, you're the ones paying my bills." Peter was wearing his usual tight green shirt and that green cap that you sometimes see him in. Johnny had on black jeans and a white shirt. Just thought I'd share that.