N E W   Y E A R S

Happy New Year! Just decided I'd put something up to reflect the new millenium and show some things that went on.

Here was the scene at midnight at Times Square, wish I could have been there...

Ok, this looks bad, but it's not what you think! This is thing I'm sucking on is actually called a hookah, or hubbly-bubbly as we call it. It's basically a big cigarette. The ingredients of what you smoke are apple, molasses and tobacco. It's really not bad though! This is me celebrating in my own personal way.

As with all New Years, it comes with a resolution. In my case a few. However, what you are looking at is the picture of my last cig for hopefully ever. I puffed it to oblivion at 11:55, December 31st, 1999. I'm going to be smoke free in the 21st century.

And this is just a pic of what midnight looked like for the NEW MILLENIUM!!!

And finally, a little animated gif of the fireworks display from a webcam downtown. Click here to check it out

H A P P Y   N E W   Y E A R ! ! !

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